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Professional Real estate appraisers | Residential & House appraising

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Croft Appraisal Services, Inc. is a residential & commercial appraisal service that is
owned and operated by John C. Davison. John is a certified real estate appraiser in thirteen states and is also certified as a FHA appraiser. His professional licenses include:

  • Pennsylvania Certified General Appraiser
  • New Jersey Certified General Appraiser
  • Delaware Certified General Appraiser
  • Maryland Certified Residential Appraiser
  • Virginia Certified General Appraiser
  • New York Certified General Appraiser
  • Connecticut Certified General Appraiser
  • Massachusetts Certified General Appraiser
  • New Hampsire State Certified General Appraiser
  • Colorado State Certified General Appraiser
  • California State Certified General Appraiser
  • FHA Approved Appraiser

John has been a certified appraiser since 1993 and started Croft Appraisal Services in 1998.
Previous to starting Croft Appraisal Services, John was the Vice President and
Chief Reveiw Appraiser for a regional appraisal firm in Philadelphia. His responsibilities
included daily operational management of up to 30 appraisers, trainees and office staff.
Production volume was over one thousand commercial and residential appraisals per month.

Croft Appraisal Services, Inc. has a comprehensive network of certified appraisers who
are trained, licensed and knowledgeable in their respective territories. John reviews and
signs every appraisal prepared.

The need for appraisals is diverse and our clients include local and national lenders,
attorneys, investors and home owners. We can provide appraisals of single family homes,
condominiums, small income properties (2-6 units), new construction and commercial properties.
See services for appraisal products we can provide.

For any additional information on our appraisal firm, please contact our office