Croft Appraisal Services HVCC Compliance Policies
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Croft Appraisal Services HVCC Compliance Policies


Croft Appraisal Services maintains a five year minimum experience requirement, and all appraisers must be certified in their respective states. This condition is required for any appraiser seeking to join our panel.
When the initial application is submitted for review:
An inquiry to the appraiser’s license background and work history will begin to assure full compliance with all state licensure requirements. 
Our review panel will scrutinize the appraisers resume conducting a full referral history check as well as E&O insurance verification.
Orders are assigned via our exclusive “Croft System”.  This system is based on our proprietary software which allows us to review the most qualified appraiser for the given geographic area. The most qualified appraiser identified by our system, is awarded the assignment
All of our valuation products are prepared in compliance with the uniform standards of professional appraisal practice or USPAP. Our guidelines have been performed in compliance with the HVCC which went into effect on May 1, 2009.
A copy of our Certificate of HVCC Compliance is kept on file in our office and is available for lender/client review at any time. The certificate stands as our promise to our clients that all appraisals meet the HVCC code and that we are in compliance with the same.

Croft Appraisal Services has over 17 years experience as an Appraisal Management Company.  We contract with only local appraisers with 5 years or more of experience. This helps in our quality of product and overall service to our clients.

We believe in the Home Valuation Code of Conduct, as such, Croft Appraisal Services supports the verbiage as it pertains to predetermined value expectations for appraisers. All orders are sent to the approved appraiser without any value estimate or predetermined value. This allows for an unbiased opinion of Market Value.  

Croft Appraisal Services has developed firm HVCC compliant policies and procedures for the removal of an appraiser from our approved appraiser list. Any appraiser who is removed from said list is advised in writing per the HVCC. 
As a company, we will uphold the policies and procedures of the HVCC to ensure our clients that their appraisals will be in full compliance and of the highest quality
Croft Appraisal Services, Inc.

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